Volume 8

TimePieces, Volume 8

Year of Publication: 2007

Table of Contents

1             Acknowledgments

2-11      “The Blood of Innocents: Ritual Murder, Host Desecration, and Medieval Jews,” by Kristi Austin

12-23    “The 1934 Coup in Austria and the Failure of a Fascist Movement,” by Andrew Blakney

24-36    “The Gaspe Coast: A Fish Merchant’s Paradise,” by Briana C. Kennedy

37-42    “Enchanted Origins: The Viking World of Snorri Sturlusson,” by Alan Lensink

43-47    “Adolf Eichmann and the Ordinariness of Evil,” by Rebekah Sears

48-59    “The Hand and its Liberators: The Battle of the Scheldt,” by Kyle Williston

By clicking on the link below, you can open the PDF file of this volume.


TimePieces, Volume 8


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