Volume 7

TimePieces, Volume 7

Year of Publication: 2006

Table of Contents

4            Acknowledgments

5-13      “To Appease of Conscience: The Nuremberg Trials as an Allied Response to the Holocaust,” by Amy Batt

14-20   “Heart of Spain: Norntan Bethune takes the Spanish Cause to the Maritintes, September-October, 1937,” by Brandon Deuville

21-29   “The Anabaptist Kingdom of Munster : ‘The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions’,” by Natalie Dube

30-39   “The Grande Guerre and its Irreversible Effects on the French Peasantry,” by Bjorn Lagerlof

40-49   “Murdered, Martyred or Moron: The Life and Execution of Mary Queen of Scots,” by Amanda Mcquarrie

50-59   “‘France Could Ask Everything From Us’: The Experience of French Jewry in the Holocaust 1940-1944,” by Dave Smith

60-67   “Politics and Priesthood: Roger Duguay and the Centre-Peninsule NDP Candidacy in the 1999 New Brunswick Election,” by Todd Spencer

68-76   “For Queen and Booty: Drake and the Armada,” by Kyle Williston

By clicking on the link below, you can open the PDF file of this volume.


TimePieces, Volume 7


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