Volume 6

TimePieces, Volume 6

Year of Publication: 2005

Table of Contents

4          Acknowledgements

5-17     “Thomas McCulloch, Alexander Forrester, and the Scottish Impact on Education in
Nova Scotia, 1806-1860,” by Shawna Stairs

18-25   “Making a Significant Difference : The First Five Years of Women at UNB, 1886-1891,” by Caroline Caverhill Mann

26-37   “Into Harm’s Way: Canadian Forces in Operation ‘Totalize’,” by Roger Gillis

38-46  “History According to Ransen’s Margaret’s Museum,” by Erin Dean

47-57   “Death, Damnation, and Salvation: Sixteenth Century Popular Beliefs about Dying, Death, and the Afterlife,” by Bjorn Lagerlof

58-64   “Austrian Fascism: An Exercise in Ambiguity,” by Michael Nason

65-71    “Comfort Women in Imperial Japan,” by Stephen Charters

72-79   “Repression or Liberation? Catholic and Protestant Policies on Sexuality in the Sixteenth Century,” by Jacob Taylor

By clicking on the link below, you can open the PDF file of this volume.


TimePieces, Volume 6


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