Volume 3

TimePieces, Volume 3

Year of Publication: 2002

Table of Contents

4          Acknowledgements

5-10    “Years of Silence and Shame : Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals,” by Jeff Mokler

11-18   “Unearthed Voices: The Unique Experience of Jewish Women During the Holocaust,” by Andrea Foster

19-21   “To What Extent Did Expo 67 Reflect the Art and Culture of the Times?” by Sarah Burns

22-26  “Gabriele D ‘Alulunzio: Mussolini’s Godsend” by Mark McLaughlin

27-29   “France: The Unofficial Loser of World War One” by Sarah Sadler

30-37   “There Will Be No Truth: FDR, Stalin, and the Katyn Forest Cover-up” by Greg McMullen

38-43   “Two Talented Women of 1789,” by Sharon Weaver

44-50   “Hitler, Goebbels and Berlin,” by Jennifer Taylor

By clicking on the link below, you can open the PDF file of this volume.


TimePieces, Volume 3



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