Volume 1

TimePieces, Volume 1

Year of Publication: 2000

Table of Contents

4        Acknowledgements

5-7    “Nineteenth-Century Economic Development in the Maritimes,”  by Mike Caverhill

9-10  “‘Thunder Gusts’ and Winter Mutiny: A Comparison of the Motivations of the Popular Disturbances in the Early French Regime and the Mutiny at Louisburg in 1744,” by Kevin Plummer

11-15  “Reflections on the Canadian Identity at the End of the Twentieth Century,” by Andrea Foster

17-24 “Taken by Surprise: The Failed 1944 Coup d’Etat Against Hitler,” by Alexandra Clark

25-29 “Bananas and Communism: The Case of US Intervention in Guatemala, 1954,” by Krista Stewart

31-36  “Proper Spheres and Improper Remuneration: The Feminization of Teaching in Nineteenth-Century Canada,” by Donna Mandeville

37-48  “Wilful Apathy or Astute Discretion? Pius XII and the Holocaust,” by Matthew Milner

49-56  “Freed by God:  Protestant Views on Exorcism,” by Ronna Ells

By clicking on the link below, you can open the PDF file of this volume.


TimePieces, Volume 1


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